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What Is Touch Glove?

Simply put, it is innovation delivered to your fingertips.  Proven Self-Correcting Technologies that are the most effective sports product to hit the market since athletic shoes, specifically designed to improve the wearers touch, fingertip control, and correct bad habits.

Invented by Former NBA Player and Coach

Andre McCarter, the initial goal was to help athletes of all ages be successful in their sport.  He designed Touch Glove to correct bad habits and techniques, and realized that one success built an individual's’ confidence and laid the foundation for accomplishments in other areas of their life.

Meet the touch glove

Tiger Red Touch Gloves

Tiger Red Touch Gloves

Sale price $45.00 Regular price $60.00

Blue Hurricane Touch Glove

Blue Hurricane Touch Glove

Sale price $45.00 Regular price $65.00


How is Touch Glove going to help me?

Touch is key when it comes to all sports, not just Basketball.  Our touch gives us the ability to sense and handle the ball. Whether it is throwing, catching or just handling a basketball,  ‘Fingertip Touch’ is essential. Touch Glove is the tool that will help you improve your game by improving technique and correcting bad habits whether you realize they exist or not.   

How do Touch Gloves Work?

Embedded in each Touch Glove are patented “SCT”, Self Correcting Technologies that target and isolate nerve endings through intricate padding configurations.  They will correct hidden problems that a Coach cannot fix of may even be able to identify.

How can Touch Glove make me a better Shooter and Dribbler

Skills like dribbling and shooting a Basketball start with the feel you have on the ball; having the correct touch and pressure. These factors will ultimately define what level of proficiency you can achieve. Touch Gloves aid your hands to recognize proper technique, and your brain will make the corrections so you can achieve your maximum potential.

Why do I need to buy Touch Gloves? Can't I just make my own

The Touch Glove is a completely unique tool that has undergone an extensive process to earn it’s now famous title.  It was introduced to the market 20 years after successfully achieving and patenting it’s Self Correcting Technology”SCT”, and has continued to be refined and updated in order to uphold its name and value to the customer.  

Why are the Touch Gloves $45

Touch Glove feels that our product gives the opportunity to anyone who truly want to become a better player. We also feel that by using the Touch Glove you're really able to take advantage of all the success and improvement that our product will deliver in seconds! Would it be worth it to you making that free throw that wins the game ? Or if you were possibly a little bit better you could've gotten that scholarship to your favorite school? We wanna ask you a question... Would you pay $45 for a scholarship ? Touch Glove will give you that extra edge that you need you don't have now. Our product will you put you in a position to be more successful unlike ever seen before! 

Are there discounted rates for Teams, Schools and Non-Profits?

Touch Glove welcomes everyone, regardless of group size or budget. We work with a vast array of organizations including non-profit and independent, and are constantly striving to ensure our product remains economically sensible for anyone that wants to improve their game.  Our main goal is to ensure that everyone has access to our training tool. At Touch Glove we make things happen. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at