Blue Hurricane Touch Glove

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What Size Am I? Check Our Our Sizing Chart Below!

Size Height
Adult S/M 170-181 cm (5’7”-5’11”)
Adult L/XL 182-194 cm (6’0”-6’4″)
Adult XXXL 195cm+ (6’4”+)
Size Age/Size
Youth X-Small 4- 6 years / Shorter than 4FT 
Youth Small 6 – 7 years / Above 4ft taller then majority
Youth Medium 8 – 9 years  135-144cm (4'5"-4'8")
Youth Large 9 – 11 years 145-165cm (5'2" - 5'1")
Youth X-Large 12+ years 157-166cm (5'2"-5'5")

Blow away your friends and competition with Self Correcting Technology. Feel the difference the moment you put it on!

  • Self-Correcting works the moment you put it on
  • Sweat Resistance, sleek feel, full freedom of movement
  • Touch Technology, let your brain better judge the weight and position of the ball by amplifying the nerves on your fingertips
  • Designed for the NBA, over a decade of research and consulting with top NBA players.
  • Open fingers, easy to clean